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Module requirements

  • UMS
  • TimeEdit account

Create TimeEdit settings on templates

Edit a template and apply settings for TimeEdit in order to send data from UMS to TimeEdit

Upload of courses fails if no courses are imported on GetStudents. Verify this with SQL

select distinct Skolefag from ImportFromDB

TimeEdit Settings.jpg


Enter a name for this setting.

Upload courses

Upload courses from UMS to TimeEdit. This is courses as defined by UMS

Activities/groups upload can not be disabled.

Upload course memberships

Enable this to add students to the courses being uploaded.

TimeEdit Server connection

All connection information is provided by TimeEdit support.

All information is specific to a customer.

URL (Endpoint)

This URL specifies the endpoint that UMS connects to.

Certificate path

Then XML file you receive from TimeEdit. The certificate must be issued to your school, else you will get this error

Certificate error.png


Username to access the Webservice URL.


Password to access the Webservice URL.

Use SQL to control data from UMS

This allows you to enter extra criteria on data extracted from the students table in UMS for each object type sent to TimeEdit

Employee mail domain

This will be appended to the username to complete a mail address that TimeEdit can use.Example: @inlogic.dk

Students mail domain

This will be appended to the username to complete a mail address that TimeEdit can use. Example: @inlogic.dk

If students are using private mails then leave the field blank and configure metadata where you map general.email with UMS field PrivateMail

Map metadatafields, privatemail.png

Exclude students from classes

Username entered here will prevent them from being member of any activities.

Users will still be uploaded to TimeEdit.

TimeEdit Settings Exclude Students.jpg

Use SQL to control data from UMS

This gives you access to write SQL statements that control the data extracted from UMS and send to TimeEdit





Admin Activities

This relates to data found in this SQL statement

Select * From AdminSystems_Activities

Admin Courses

This relates to data found in this SQL statement

Select *
From AdminSystems_Activities
Join AdminSystems_Activities_Courses On (AdminSystems_Activities_Courses.Activity = AdminSystems_Activities.Activity) And (AdminSystems_Activities_Courses.Adminserver_ID = AdminSystems_Activities.Adminserver_ID) 
Join AdminSystems_Courses On (AdminSystems_Courses.Course = AdminSystems_Activities_Courses.Course) And (AdminSystems_Courses.Adminserver_ID = AdminSystems_Activities_Courses.Adminserver_ID)

TimeEdit field information

Configure Modules > Timetable >Datasource

Create a new datasource in order to get timetable blocks in return from TimeEdit

Modules Timetable Datasource Add new.png


Missing subject / title

Titles in timetable are based on ActivityDescription in UMS (TimeEdit key: studentclass.longdecript).

If bookings are not bound to activities then fill out the comments field in TimeEdit. The Comment field is also displayed on the body text of the booking.

Missing title.png

There is no field with ext.id "person.first_name" , "general.email" etc

Error missing fields.png

The missing fields must be configured in the TimeEdit database. You can do this either by making a supportrequest to TimeEdit or download a an administrative tool from TimeEdit, please contact TimeEdit for further information.

How can I test a TimeEdit certificate ?

Download the SoapUI tool and send a soap register-request as shown in the screenshot. If the certificate is registreret correctly at TimeEdit the response will be the key used for 2 factor authentication.

Soapui register certificate.png