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Levitas setup
==Installation and setup==
inLogic will publish and update the app.
You If you want your own AppStore and Google Play store pages, you need your own Apple Developer Account for the iOS version, this is a requirements from Apples Guidelines.  [[App Store Connect|Please follow the guide App Store Connect]].
Android and Windows Phone can be publish through inLogics account or your schools own account if you have acquired one. If you have your own account inLogic needs to be informed as well. To publish the app, inLogic needs the following information
*[[UMS Web]] url path - (If you are running any kind of gateway (TMG, UAG etc.) you will need to create rules for the services on UMS Web, contact us for more information)
=== Min skole app ===
Min skole app is a start-wise lightweight option to use the UMS App. This means your school can get started using the app quicker.
What does this mean?
* Lower start-up price.
* No need to set up an Apple Developer account.
* Upon contact with InLogic Support your app can be live within mere minutes.
* The app will not be called your schools name on you phone and in AppStore/Google Play, but is instead called 'Min skole app', and its app icon cannot be customized.
<br />
===== Setting up Min skole app =====
<blockquote>Configurator -> Web setup -> App -> Setting</blockquote>Here you need to configure a Primary and Secondary color, as well as a Logo. The Login background and Menu background images are optional.
The first time you set this up, you will need to contact InLogic support, and provide the following:
* A 64x64 pixels version of your logo
* UMS Web url (See [[App#Installation and setup|Installation and Setup]])

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