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InLogic SMS Gateway

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== Important ==
To be able to send SMS, the inLogic Modem SMS Gateway requires GSM modems with USB interface. We recommend "HUAWEI LTE USB Stick Model: E3372".
== Network Port Openings ==
==== TCP port openings from server to modemgateway. ====
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==== TCP port openings from modem gateway to server. ====
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== System Login ==
Once the modem gateway is [[#Prepare Modem|prepared]] and booted, open a browser and go to Login through the 'Login' button in the top right corner.
[[File:Main Login button.png|none|thumb|1240x1240px]]
You will now see a login box where you can log in with with USERNAME: admin and PASSWORD: admin.
== Main Page ==
After logging in, the system info page appears. This page shows the modemgateway's status.[[File:Main.png|none|thumb|1240x1240px]]
To open the menu, click on this icon: [[File:Foxbox menu button.png|frameless|23x23px]]
[[File:Main with menu.png|none|thumb|1240x1240px]]
Click on menu tab 'Network config'.
Change the IP settings and press 'Save Configuration'. When you have saved your settings, [[InlogicmodemInLogic SMS Gateway#Reboot|Reboot]] the modem gateway as instructed below in 'Modem Settings'.
[[File:Network Config.png|none|thumb|1240x1240px]]

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