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How to use Office 365 as login provider instead of Active Directory

You need to create an Enterprise application

Login into

  • Click New application
  • Click Create your own application
  • Enter a name
  • Choose Integrate any other application you don't find in the gallery (Non-gallery)
  • Click Create (This will also create an App registration)
  • Find Properties for the Enterprise application you just created
  • Set User assignment required? and Visible to users? to false
  • Click Save
  • Click Single sign-on
  • Click SAML
  • Click edit under Basic SAML Configuration
  • Delete all info under Identifier (Entity ID)
  • Open SQL Management Studio on the UMS Server and connect to the database
    • Run this SQL Command
      • Update UMSWebGeneralSettings Set SetSSO = 1
  • Login to UMS web
    • You will be redirected to SSO setup
  • Open UMS Configurator program
    • Click Web Setup
    • Select General settings
      • Select Azure AD in the Check login against drop down list

Reset password for others

  • Go to Azure Active Directory
  • Click Roles and administrators
  • Find Password administrator
  • Click Add assignments
  • Find the name of the Enterprise application you created earlier
  • Select it and click Add