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The system automatically sends an SMS notification to users when they are created in Active Directory.

If the user has an international phone number or there is no number, the system will send an e-mail to the registered e-mail address in UMS.

There will not be sent any notification, if neither phone number nor e-mail address is registered.

While the phone number is found during Active Directory creation, the e-mail address is found when attempting to send an SMS.

The notification is sent through the SMS Server program.


Module requirements


What to have ready

An inLogic SMS Modem


Template Setting

To get started, you must create a welcome setting that will be connected to a template. Only users registered on this template will receive the welcome notice. Select manage and add a setting, as shown below.

Configurator SMS Welcome

Display name

Please enter the name or a description of the setting, i.e. Welcome.


As the SMS contains sensitive data, you can choose not to show the setting on UMS Web's SMS log. Check the box if the information should be kept confidential.

Text message

Enter the welcome message that will be sent to the user.

Days before start

Please select how many days before a user should receive the message. The sending date will be calculated from the start date for the user or their first activity.

You can find the start date it calculates from by using the SQL statement below in SQL Server Management Studio. Remember to replace 'Username' with the user.


Select Top 1 Convert(Datetime, StartDato, 105) As StartDate

From Students


Action = 'Add'

And StartDato Is Not Null

And Convert(Datetime, StartDato, 105) >= Convert(Date, GetDate())

And StudieNr = '<Username>'

Order By Convert(Datetime, StartDato, 105)


At creation

Check this box if the SMS should be sent when a user is created in Active Directory.


This shows a subset of the variables you can use in a setting. You can use any field from the 'Students table'. Please remember the column name is case sensitive.

SMS variables


You can send a test message from the configurator program to a selected number. Please notice that the variables will not be replaced in the test message.

SMS template settings, SMS Welcome