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Push notification is a feature available in the UMS App, however only when using 'Min skole app'. This allows the schools teachers and students to receive notifications on their phone about things such as news, timetable changes and receive SMS Alert as notifications.


  • The school must be using 'Min skole app'


Contact InLogic to have Hub name provided, along with generated server-keys.

These keys must be inserted in the Configurator under Template editor.

Push notifications editor 2.png

It's important you get the 'Manage' and 'Listen' endpoint keys correctly inserted, as otherwise this wont work.

After this, press OK and ensure that all templates has this setting selected.


Q: Why can't I receive push notifications?

A: If you made changes in the Configurator, you will either need to wait a day, or log out and back in, in the app, for the settings to pass through. Additionally ensure the phone has permitted push notifications.

Q: Can I use Push Notifications with the traditional app (not 'Min skole app')?

A: As it stands right now, this is not something we support.