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Please note that the settings described below cannot be found in all LMS integrations. Furthermore, some LMS integrations may not use 'sites' but rooms, cohorts, drives, etc.

Automation Type

This is not in use yet.

Remove learner method

Learnes will be removed from inactive courses / sites when

  • Deleted in AD / Left school¬†: user is not active or not known in UMS (remember that students will exist in UMS as long as they have activities)
  • Finished on activity/course¬†: user is removed from the course in the administrative system

No matter what, if a student drops out of a course before the course ends, the student will be removed from the site.

If a students finishes an activity prior to the end of the activity itself, the student will also be removed from the site. Example:an activity is set to start at 01/01-2019 and finish at 01/07-2019. The student is set to attend the activity from 01/01-2019 to 01/04-2019. In this case the student will be removed from the site at 01/04-2019.

When there are no learners on a site, the site will be deleted by LMS.

Delete sites

A site is deleted when there are no more students connected to it in UMS. There are two ways to delete a site:

  • Auto delete. The site will automatically be deleted in the system when there are no more students connected to it.
  • Manual delete. The site will only be deleted in UMS and not in the system.

Send mail to teacher(s)

Send an e-mail to teachers when they are connected to a site.

Start publishing days before

This indicates how many days a site should be active before it is published and visible for students. This must be a lower number than 'Create Days before'.

Create Days before

This indicates how many days a site should be created before it is active. This must be a higher number than 'Start publishing days before'.

Delete Days after end

A site is closed when all students have been removed. 'Delete Days after end' indicates how many days the site should be in the system before UMS deletes it.

Teachers' rights on sites

What access should the teachers have when added to the site.

Students' rights on sites

What access should the students have when added to the site.

SQL Groups

If a site is created with a setting where SQL Groups are used, members of the security groups inserted here will have teacher rights and access to that site. Please note that the group name written only covers that specific security group. If there are several security groups with similar names, letters before '%' will cover all groups with those letters. I.e. if there are English 1, English 2, and English 3, the group name 'Eng%' will cover all three security groups.

LMS Settings SQL groups.png



How long can a student access a SharePoint site and/or an OneNote Classnotebook ?

Students that drop out from a course/class before scheduled activity end will be disconnected from the site / OneNote. Only students that fullfills the course/class will have access to the site / OneNote after activity ends.