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Steps to make UMS syne work with Google Apps.

Log on with your Google Admin account and create project


Enter Project Name and Domain

Google Project.jpg

Be aware that you have chosen the right project and then click on " + ENABLE APIS SERVICES "


Google automatically opens the API Library where you can search for services.


  • Notice that the "Drive SDK" does not exist in the new API
  • Enable the foliowing APls (Remember that you can search for each API)

Admin SDK

BigQuery API

Calendar API

Google Drive API

Service Control API

Cloud SQL

Cloud SQL Admin API

Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage JSON API

Group Settings API

Site Verification API


This is what it should look like in the end.


Change of API Quotas Google's quotas are by default set to the highest. If you want to change the quotas, follow the next 2 steps

To set Quota click "Dashboard" and choose "Admin SDK"

Click "Quota"


Google automatically opens the Quotas


Create API Credentials

Click on " OAuth consent screen "

Then Choose "Internal" and enter " Appliation Name " use Domain name and enter "support email"

Click "save"


Click on "Credentials" and Create "OAuth Client ID"


Click Other and enter a name

Click Create


Copy Client ID and Client Secret for it to be used in UMS Configurator under Google organization settings


And the "Client ID" and "Client Secret" is to be entered in UMS Configurator