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The integration retrieves timetable data from WebUntis.


Module requirements

A license for WebUntis.

You need an API key from WebUntis to be able to extract data.

The name of activities must match the name from the administrative system. This is where the information of the students and employees are coming from.

The extern_id in WebUntis must contain the same information as the ID from the administrative system where we extract user information from. This can be found in the Students table in the column CPR.


Create a data source Web Timetable

Technical settings

Create a WebUntis setting.

TimeTable WebUntis.jpg

Data source

Choose the WbeUntis data source


Enter a description for this data source.

Server connection


Enter the API key that you have from WebUntis

Time zone

Specify the time zone that the extracted data has. This is something that WebUntis must tell you.

Export settings

Content and format


Why can I not see a full schedule for a specific class

Timetable blocks are not registered under the class name. It is registered under the course name instead.

You can see full timetable for users.