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Web service for external suppliers. The UMS Web Service module allows external suppliers to access the UMS database as a web service. This way, selected data can be used securely through UMS Web Service.


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UMS has web services. These can be found under this path on the webserver c:\inetpub\wwwroot\Webservices or where the UMS Frontend is installed.

The web services need two kinds of authentication.

  1. To access the ASMX file use windows authentication. This is a user that the webserver can find either local or domain.
  2. To call any of the web services you need a username and password that can be set in UMS configurator
    1. You can find it here Configurator -> Settings -> Web services
    2. Webservice setup.png
    3. The username must be between 8 - 100 characters
    4. The password must be between 16 - 100 characters
    5. Changing this requires a restart of the website. 

Data export

(Requires a license)

These are used to extract data from the UMS database.

They are found here http://<DNS>/WebServices/DataExport.asmx. Just remember to replace <DNS> with the URL with the UMS webserver address. 

SMS Web service

(Requires a license)

You can use this to send SMS through UMS.

This is found here http://<DNS>/WebServices/SMSservice.asmx. Just remember to replace <DNS> with the URL with the UMS webserver address.

Test web services

This an example of the data export web service. Change the ASMX name to test other services.

To test the web services you can use SOAP UI Download the free version.

Connect to the web services URL http://<DNS>/WebServices/DataExport.asmx?wsdl

Webservice url.png

Accessing this http://<DNS>/WebServices/DataExport.asmx?wsdl with a browser will show the WSDL as readable XML.

Technical settings