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Our Teams integration is developed for schools that want to avoid hour-long administrative tasks. The integration automatically creates, maintains, and deletes users based on data from your student administrative system. It also creates and maintains group rooms, which teachers and students can use for teaching purposes. The rooms automatically use the language you require and can be categorized according to your needs, making them easier to find. Rooms that are no longer in use are deleted automatically.

Configuration in UMS

This allows users to log into Teams with the same password they use to access the school’s IT-system. The Teams integration gives you an easy overview and ensures that the users’ data is always managed correctly, without requiring any manual updates. This frees up time for the IT-department so they can focus on other tasks.


Module requirements


What to have ready

Microsoft SDS (This can only be setup after you have configured UMS and installed the Web program




Open UMS Configurator and go to Template > Office 365. Click the first manage button.

Teams Office 365 Template.jpg

You will now see an overview of your Office 365 settings.

Teams Office 365 Settings.jpg
Teams Office 365 Settings Edit.jpg

You need to set a Teams settings on this Office 365 Setting. Shown in the red square.

Teams settings

You will now see an overview of your Teams settings.

Teams Settings.jpg

Click Add or Edit

Configurator modules office365 teams settings.png

See LMS Settings for options that are not described below.

Delete Teams options

We recommend that delete options are set to “Manual delete sites”. Do not use “Auto delete when there are no more learners” unless you have a confirmation from the teachers. Once a team is deleted you can’t recover lost files and conversations from a deleted course/team. In some countries like Denmark the school must preserve courses / teams for the whole school period.

Send mail to teachers

UMS can notify users when they have been added to a SharePoint site, a OneNote Class Notebook or a Team. However, Microsoft School Data Sync always sends mails to users. Avoid this with an Exchange mail flow.

How to: Microsoft_SDS#Prevent_Teams_from_sending_spam_to_users

Activity Teams

Activity Teams are for students for the daily communications, filesharing, and assignments.

Select a title from a range of options. Some schools prefer class names like “ukmba18ftsep”, other schools prefer “Mathematics 3z (ma3z)”. In order to obtain a team name like “Mathematics 3z (ma3z)” select the option "Activity description (Short description")

Course Teams

Some student information systems (SIS) like EASY are course-based and not activity-based. If you are using a course-based SIS then configure this section instead of Activity Teams.

Template Teams Settings

You need to attach a teams template setting to a template. This will tell UMS that Teams will be created from this template.

Teams Template Settings.jpg
Teams Template Settings Edit.jpg


Enter a description for this setting.

Hide from address list

Enable this to hide teams from address list.

SQL Groups

See LMS Settings for this option.


Why is my class not created in Teams ?

If no teacher have a timetable for the class, it will not be created in Teams. Inspect this in / Your Organization / View Sections, Teachers, and Students

Teams not created because of missing teachers.png

Use this SQL to investigate timetable entries in UMS database (replace activity codes in SQL)

select SkemaBrikkerNewEntries.*
from SkemaBrikkerNewEntries, SkemaBrikker_Teachers
SkemaBrikkerNewEntries.SkemaBegivenhed_ID = SkemaBrikker_Teachers.SkemaBegivenhed_ID
And SkemaBrikkerNewEntries.SkemaBrikkerAdminServers_ID = SkemaBrikker_Teachers.SkemaBrikkerAdminServers_ID
And SkemaBrikker_Teachers.cpr In (Select Cpr from Students where Activity in ('G17daaG31708' , 'G17enaD1708' ,'G17daaG21708'))
Order By RealStartDateTime

How do I change Teams names ?

The short answer: you don't. Once created you cannot change the names of existing teams through UMS Configurator, you have to do it manually in the Teams client or webbrowser by editing Teams settings. TeamNames can be inspected in SQL with select * from Office365Teams

SQL inspect teamname.png

How do I delete existing Teams and recreate them with new names ?

  1. Run this SQL: update Office365Teams set DeleteOnNextRun = 1
  2. Run LiveAtEdu with a parameter: LiveAtEdu_Sync.exe deleteteams
  3. Monitor the table and see that teams disapear: select * from Office365Teams
  4. When no unwanted teams exist in the table, then populate the table again: LiveAtEdu_Sync.exe addteams2db
  5. Inspect the team names and if it looks good (depending on what option you selected in configurator) then you are ready to create them by using LiveAtEdu_Sync.exe teamsonly