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The edCom integration allows edCom to retrieve data from the UMS web server. It contains the classes/courses with the students and teachers
== Prerequisites ==
=== Module requirements ===
=== What to have ready ===
An opened firewall directly into the UMS. Typically port 80 or 443
== Installation ==See [[Configurator/Webservice|Webservice]]
=== Template Setting ===
Create a edCom setting than will be attached to a template. edCom can only retrieve data from the templates that have aUPN n option attached.
[[File:edComEdaptio settings.png|none|thumb|813x813px]]'''UPN Suffix'''
This is appended to the username that is sent to edCom. So you have to login with edCom with UPN so that edCom knows where to send the login request.
UMS will generate a department code when pressing Generate. department code must be used in edCom to retrieve data.
== Technical settings =='''Export teachers from exams events'''
This will allow the edCom service return teachers based on exams events. Otherwise these teachers will be excluded. ==Technical settings== == FAQ ==

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