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Attendance Registration Advanced

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Attendance Registration Advanced is an add-on module for schools that want gives extra functionalities in the web interface for to [[Attendance Registration]]. With this module, you gain access to an advanced statistical interface that makes it even easier to monitor attendance.
This module offers you an advanced statistical interface, which makes it easier to monitor attendance, in addition to several other functions. With Attendance Registration Advanced offers you getthese advantages:* A You have access to a web-based view of the students’ attendance records as well as and a statistical interface that gives you an , making it easy to keep overview of how the students are doing in terms of ' attendanceactivities. Students can see keep track of their own attendance records, while teachers, student guidance councillors counsellors, and the school’s managers school management can see attendance for students and classes relevant to them. The data presented to you, when When you log into on to UMSWeb, depends on whether you will see different data if you are a student, a teacher, a student counsellor, or manager or a student guidance councillors. This way means that you will only see information relevant informationto you.* A You get a [[Guardian Portal, which allows ]] allowing parents, guardians, employers, social workers , and internship mentors to follow a student and monitor his or her 's progress in schoolduring schooling. In the The [[Guardian Portal, ]] gives you can see access to the student’s timetable, attendance record records, and grades. The portal If there are new occurrences, you will automatically notify you when something is updatedbe notified. The portal also allows you to monitor several students at the same time, if you e.g. if you have more than one child attending the school. For more information about the Guardian Portal, please read the following page.* Attendance School employees can create attendance reports, which can be printed by through the school’s staff in a few clicksweb interface. It is possible to make The reports can be created for one or more several students through the web interface, e.g. based on who teaches the teachers of a certain class or who is the primary contact teacher for a certain group of students.* Primary contacts and students Students can subscribe to a weekly e-mail text messages that summarizes the attendance of the student in question. The e-mail contains attendance for the current week as well as the total attendance registered. This makes it possible to act proactively, before the student risks exceeding the limit for allowed absence and thus reduce the risk of more absence or of the student dropping out of school.* With Attendance Registration Advanced students can receive an SMS message, will be sent when they have been are registered as absent. The message text messages shows that the school is engaged engages in its the students and can be used to invite invites the students back into to the classroom(requires [[SMS Send]]).* Last but not least, it It is possible to print attendance registration sheets, which the teacher that teachers can use on for e.g. field trips or during in classes where it is not possible to register attendance on through a computer(requires [[Merge Letters]]).
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