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Attendance Registration

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Individual settings
* Attendance colours
* Design text messages sent to the students
* Attendance types (late, approved, not approved)
* Granting access to teachers/employees and edit access to registration forward-looking
* Possibility of registering Edit attendance forward-lookingtypes (late, approved, not approved)
==== Attendance colours ====
==== Set types of attendance ==== ===== Granting access to teachers/employees and edit access to registration forward-looking = ====
Granting access to functions in the registration interface is done under 'Setup web access/Absence'. Attendance basic allows 'register access' and 'Future registration access'. Enter a group (nested groups are allowed) with the teacher/employees that are allowed to use the specific function. See example below.
===== Edit attendance types =====
To edit letters and text used in the attendance module, choose the button 'Select' (see the window above).
Double-click on the row containing the settings you want to edit. See below:.
=== Individual settings ===
Individual settings can be altered per education, class, or similar. For settings valid for the entire school, see 'Global settings'. If an individual setting for a specific group is needed, it is necessary to create the group with the students in question beforehand. To set it up go to These settings can be altered under Configurator -> \Templates -> \Edit -> \Absence -> \Manage -> \Add a new or edit an existing setting. [[File:Absence_notify1.png|link=|none|thumb]]
==== SMS and App settings for notify absence ====
* 'SMS Keyword' - The keyword set in this box will define which keyword the student sends in a text message to notify absence. E.g. the keyword 'Sick' means the student has to send a message containing 'sick' or 'sick %reason or message to the teacher%'. Both cases will be accepted by UMS
* 'Default incoming SMS status' - These are settings for notify absence. Choose which type of attendance the system should set as default when receiving a message from a student notifying absence. The teacher will see this status in the attendance registration interface. E.g. when the default type of attendance is 'Legal absence registration ', students will be marked as 'Legal absence' when notifying absent* 'Ignore messages for today start/end' - In the set time span, it is not possible for a student to send a text message to notify absence. This means that if the message is received before the given start time, e.g. 10 a.m., the system will check the students schedule for timetable blocks that day and mark the blocks with the default attendance status, e.g. 'Legal absence'. The system will then send a reply confirming the student is marked absent. If the message is received between the start and end time, e.g. 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., the system will send the student a reply, saying it is not allowed to notify absence at this time. If the message is received after the given end time, e.g., the system will check the schedule for timetable blocks the following day and mark those with the default attendance status, e.g. 'Legal absence' *'Require reason will force an absence reason before ' - The school can require the students to give a reason when notifying absence. Students will then be able forced to write a reason in order to be register as absenceabsent.
==== Misc settings ====
* 'Use cards' enable this if - This enables students can to register via their student ids ID's via Bianco* 'Show watermark at %' - able to set a procent to show a watermark or don't show* 'Days back' How - This setting decides how many days backwards a teacher is allowed to register and edit attendance. Set the number of days in 'Days back'. Please note that this setting cannot exceed the number of days backwards in the global timetable block data job!* 'Too late' Number - This shows the number of minutes a late show should count. 'Too late' sets the number of minutes late attendance should count. If a student is late for class it will be registered as e.g. 10 minutes absence* 'Show percent on studentstat' * 'Send SMS' If - When a student is registered as absent, the system should send can reply with a text message when . Check this box to enable the system to send a student is registered as absentreply
==== Student reason settings ====* 'Allow students to register absence reason' enabled this to allow the student - This setting allows students to create an absence reason when they were registred absenceare registered as absent* 'Days back' is - This sets how many days back the backwards students are allow allowed to add an absence reason on a course. E.g. the student can register an absence reason on a subject7 days backwards[[File:Absence_notify1.png|link=|none|thumb]]
== FAQ ==

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