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Attendance Registration

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Attendance Registration is a tool for the educational sector, which that makes it easy to register attendance. Through a simple and intuitive interface, the teacher can register who is present, who is late, and who is absent. Registering attendance can be done all in a matter of seconds, simply by clicking the button with the student’s name and picture. The interface uses colour codes, which makes it easy to see how what the individual students are registeredas. You decide which attendance options you want to use - i.e. options for being late, for legal absence, and illegal absence - as well as which colours are used for the different options. When attendance is registered, UMS automatically writes back to the administrative system - if supported. The interface also supports the possibility to see if the student has sent a text message to the school or if the staff has written notes regarding the student’s attendance.
There are references to other UMS modules, e.g. SMS, in this guide. In case the mentioned modules are not present in your environment, you can ignore these settings.
=== Supported administrative systems ===
* Easy-C
* Lectio
- As well as all other * Other systems where it is possible to retrieve a timetable for students and teachers
=== Module requirements ===
* [[UMS]]
* [[UMS Academic Web]]
=== Testing after setup ===
Log To get started with testing after setup, you must log in as a teacher and check that there is access to fraværsregistering on . On the front page of UMS portal, see if you have access to attendance registration.
Start fraværsregistering, Click on attendance registration and check that there may be increased team, students and teachers form.
Check that there may be registered absences of See if any individual studentshave been registered as absent.
=== What is necessary to get started ===
A To get started, it is necessary to have a running [[UMS]] installation.
== Installation ==
== Technical settings ==
=== Settings for UMS Attendance Basic ===All setting settings for UMS Attendance Basic is set through the configurator. Under In the main menu under 'Settings/Services in the main menu', it is necessary to set the “Absence service” needs to be set to run on a server. See example below:
Please make sure the service has started and is running/started afterwards. The service is responsible for sending SMS text messages to students with absencethat are registered as absent.
Some settings are global setting settings for the entire school, and some can be altered pr. Education or the like.
The Global settings are

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