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G Suite

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UMS integrates to G Suite with the module G Suite Sync which:
 * Creates users and their e-mail accounts* Maintains users in G Suite, i.e. data changes are synchronised to UMS* Synchronises passwords* Deletes users who no longer attend the school  
Integration to G Suite quickly becomes profitable. With UMS, the school saves resources by automating many manual tasks
* Avoid having to program scripts to synchronise the data
* Users are automatically created with data from your student administration system
* It reduces the workload for the IT-department
*Avoid having to program scripts to synchronise the data*Users are automatically created with data from your student administration system*It reduces the workload for the IT-department == Prerequisites ==
=== Supported administrative systems ===
=== Module requirements ===
=== Additional functionality ===
=== Testing after setup ===
=== What to have ready ===
=== Is any physical item required ===
=== Should third party be contacted ===
== Installation ==
'''G Suite'''
Mark this to delete old timetable blocks from calendars.
=== ''Site'' ===
Rights the student/learner will have on the site when attached.  
=== '''SQL Groups''' ===
Members of these groups will be attached to all sites created with this setting as teachers
Description of the site. Changing this after a site has been created will cause it to be updated.  
=== '''Search filter and criteria''' ===
This will enable you to concatenate sites that would have been created as to or more sites to be created as one site.
Node id is the URL.
==== '''Examples''' ====
If you have three activities named English1, English2, English3 and you only want one SharePoint site.
How many characters will be removed from the string.  
=== ''Drive'' ===
 === '''Organization Settings''' ===
When creating a user for Google API refer to this PDF lInk
[[Google app API|]] [[File:Googleappsorganizationsettings.png|none|thumb|378x378px]]
Select Distinct Aktivitet As Activity From Students Order By Activity
== Installation G Suite Sync ==
Steps to make UMS sync work with G Suite.
Do not be alarmed. The job has been activated and you can check your GoogleApps_Sync.log to confirm that the job has completed running.
== Technical settings ==
== FAQ ==
Why do I not get the drive/site created?

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