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Attendance Registration Card System

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=== Configurations ===
Settings can be found under “Modules\Absence\Card servers”
Currently UMS supports 2 different card-systems:
* Buanco: Covers cardsystems from Buanco.
Enter the necessary information for the cardsystem that are used.
To identify which user has which card, a relationship between the UMS user data and the card identifier needs to be entered. Which field is used is different between systems, typically CPR/SSN is used.
This is done under Settings\services:
Enter a valid server name under “Absence card import server”. The server needs to have UMS installed, and also needs to have IP access to the card servers web service.
Finally, the relevant student needs to have cards activated. This is done pr. Template that are using absence (Templates\Edit).
Simply check the “Use cards” option on all templates where the card system is used.
== Technical settings ==
== FAQ ==

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