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Min skole app
=== Min skole app ===
Min skole app is a start-wise lightweight option to use the UMS App. This means your school can get started using the app quicker.
* Lower start-up price.* No need to set up an Apple Developer account.* Upon contact with InLogic Support your app can be live within mere minutes.*You can change logo, images & colors after the app is deployed, should you ever wish to change things up a bit
* The app will not be called your schools name on you phone and in AppStore/Google Play, but is instead called 'Min skole app', and its app icon cannot be customized.*When students & teachers starts up the app for the first time, they will need to select their specific school before proceeding to login.
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===== Setting up Min skole app =====
<blockquote>Configurator -> Web setup -> App -> Setting</blockquote>Here you need to configure a Primary and Secondary color, as well as a Logo. The Login background and Menu background images are optional.
The first time you set this up, you will need to contact InLogic support, and provide the following:
* A 64x64 pixels version of your logo* UMS Web url (See [[App#Installation and setup|Installation and Setup]])

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