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Apple Developer Account

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== Create Apple Developer Account ==
If you do not have an Apple ID already for your organization already, you can follow this guide to create one:
Afterwards After creating your account, you'll need to enroll for Apple Developer Program. Follow the guide below:
== Add App Store Connect User ==
inLogic will need access to be able to create and upload new updates for your app. You do so by adding our account as 'another App Store Connect User'.
Go to
Select "'Users and Roles"'.[[File:Appstore usersandroles.png|none|thumb|164x164px]]Select the plus icon.
[[File:Appstore plusicon.png|none|thumb]]
Fill in the "'User Information" ' with the following information and click 'Next'.
Check the role "'App Manager" ' and make sure the dropdown that access is for "given to 'All apps" or the ones '. You can also give limited access to apps in case there are apps inLogic will do not need access to.
Select Next
For App Status Reports select "'All Territories" ' and click 'Save'.
When successful it'll tell You will now see that a confirmation email has been sent to inLogic.

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