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Technical settings
== Technical settings ==
Each chapter only covers specific configuration that involves and applies The following sections show how to configurate the app. For a full detail guide for each module open the corresponding manual. This manual also doesn’t include how The information only applies to setup schedules task and services that isn’t is directly affiliated with connected to the app, i.e. how to set up schedule tasks in the app. The only exception is the service “UMS 'UMS RSS Feeds” that Feeds', which is a specific service for the app. If a fully detailed setup guide is needed, please go to that specific module.
Some of the configurations are not set up specifically for app, i.e. ParkZone. If you can’t cannot find the module you’re setup guide you are looking for in this guide please search for , you can find it by searching or on the front page. E.g. ParkZone is not describe in this guide as there is no specific configuration that will affect the app alone. Be aware Please note that some changes made in the configurator listed in this guide will not only effect will affect the app but also the UMS Web for that specific module.
'''Important''' Most As many settings only loads once the website is initializing, most changes will require an IIS reset on the server before it will take effect due to many settings is only loaded once when the website is initializing. The app retrieves settings from UMS once a day, so when you make a change it which means that changes will take effect in the app be visible the next day or when time you log inor the next day.
=== Menu Settings ===

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