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Absence Registration for Employees

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Managing staff absence across different departments can be a complex task but with UMS it is made simple and easy. The module 'Absence Registration for Employees ' automates the entire process around staff absence, reducing the number of tasks to be done every time when an employee is ill. This saves resources and reduces the workload for the administrative staff.
With 'Absence Registration for Employees', staff can notify the school of illness either by sending an SMS message or by using the web portal. As soon as the school is notified of the staff member’s absence, UMS automatically generates an e-mail, which is automatically notifies to notify the appropriate people and departments.
For exampleinstance, if the absent staff member is a teachercalls in sick, UMS can automatically notify the team leader, the headmaster and the payroll department. Whom the notification is sent to depends on the settings you have chosen for the department the staff member in question is a part of.
As these settings can vary a lot from school to school, the list of settings you can change is extensive.
All settings are managed through the user-friendly frontend interface, which means that the administration staff can manage far more, without involving the IT-department.
== Prerequisites ==

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