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Attendance Registration Card System

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Attendance Registration Card System is a system developed for schools, where . The system allows students can to register their own attendance by swiping a with i.e. their Student ID card. The students can swipe their card and checking to check in when they arrive at the school, as well as checking and check out when they leave again. By integrating UMS with the The card system, makes it is easy to monitor the students’ attendance. All , as all registrations made through done with the card system automatically will automatically be available in [[UMS]].
Through the user-friendly interface, the teacher can see if everyone has registered correctly and make corrections if necessary. We currently integrate to the with Buanco card system. If you prefer to integrate need integration to another card system, please contact us for price and availability.
== Prerequisites ==
[[Attendance Registration]]
[[Attendance Registration Advanced]]
=== Testing after setup ===
=== What to have ready ===
An external card system with terminals (eg. Buanco). The Card System card system must be able to exchange card information with UMS.
=== Is any physical item required ===
=== Should third party be contacted ===
Supplier of card Card system supplier regarding the exchange of exchanging card datawith UMS.
== Installation ==
Attendance Registration Card System is part of [[Attendance Registration]]. It will be available when you have the license.
=== Configurations ===
Settings can be found under “Modules'Modules\Absence\Card servers”servers'.
* inLogic: All other card systems.
Choose the card system used and click add. See below.[[File:Absencecardcardserverssettings.png|none|thumb|534x534px]]=== Card systems =Technical settings ==All card systems supported by UMS works with a web service running on the card system server, which . UMS querys will on a regular basis for any retrieve new card entries (come/go).
Please note that UMS only supports one card system per installation but it . It is allowed possible to use cards only apply the card systems for some of the selected students/or departments.
Choose the relevant card system and click add. See below.[[File:Absencecardcardserverssettings.png|none|thumb|534x534px]]Enter the necessary information for the card system that are used. See below.
* 'Description': Enter a description for the system
* 'Server/URL': Enter a server address for the server that delivers the data (IP or DNS). If inLogic is chosen for the card system then enter the URL used for data-retrieval
* 'Username/Password/Domain': Enter credentials for the user that , which is used for retrieving the data* 'DB Field': Choose which field used to identify/match the card user to a UMS created user/student. The field used will be different for each system but typically CPR/SSN is typically used
=== Service setup ===
After the card system settings have been created, it is also necessary to ensure that the service that retrieve retrieving the card data is running. Services are controlled through the menu “Settings'Settings\Services”Services'.
Enter a valid server name under “Absence 'Absence card import server”server'. The server needs to have UMS installed and , as well as IP access to the card servers web service.[[File:Absencecardservicessetup.png|none|thumb|619x619px]]
Finally, you need to ensure that the relevant student needs to have absence settings for each template is using cards activated. This is done per template that are using absence (You can access it under 'Templates\Edit)'.
Simply check the “Use cards” option box 'Use cards' on all templates where the card system is used.[[File:Absencecardmanage.png|none|thumb|539x539px]] == Technical settings ==
== FAQ ==

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