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Attendance Registration Card System

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=== What to have ready ===
An external card system with terminals (eg. Buanco). The Card System must be able to exchange cards card information with UMS.
=== Is any physical item required ===
=== Should third party be contacted ===
Supplier of card system regarding the exchange of card data.
== Installation ==
Currently UMS currently supports 2 different card-systems:
* Buanco: Covers card systems from Buanco.
* inLogic: All other card systems.
Chose Choose the card system used and click add. See below.[[File:Absencecardcardserverssettings.png|none|thumb|534x534px]]
=== Card systems ===
All card systems supported by UMS works with a web service running on the card system server, which UMS querys on a regular basis for any new card entries (come/go).
* 'Server/URL': Enter a server address for the server that delivers the data (IP or DNS). If inLogic is chosen for the card system then enter the URL used for data-retrieval
* 'Username/Password/Domain': Enter credentials for the user that used for retrieving the data
* 'DB Field': Chose Choose which field used to identify/match the card user to a UMS created user/student. The field used will be different for each system but typically CPR/SSN is used

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