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Automatically get news from the school via SMS. With SMS Subscription, you can send relevant news to your students automatically. Messages sent by SMS have a better chance of being read than e-mail. Because of this, it makes good sense to use SMS for your student communication, so your students are always up-to-date.

Via SMS Subscription, the students can subscribe to automatic notifications via SMS, when there is relevant information for them. Depending on which modules your school has bought, students can choose to get automatic SMS messages about timetable changes, grades and school-related news. Students can also choose to receive their timetable for the day, every day of the school week, for instance 2 hours before the first lesson starts. This is a good service to the students and it makes it easier for them to attend school well-prepared and at the right time and place.

There are many benefits to having SMS Subscription and the module quickly pays for itself:

  • Make sure students do not miss class, because they do not have an updated timetable
  • Reduces the number of administrative tasks to be done, as the users are up-to-date and well-informed
  • Makes it easy for students to be well-prepared
  • Students can decide if and when they want to receive their timetable and timetable changes
  • Students receive their grades, as soon as they are released
  • Students choose for themselves what information they want to receive, making your communication more effective
  • Students update their own phone numbers, making sure the school always has the right contact information


Supported administrative systems


Module requirements


UMS Academic Web

SMS Send

Testing after setup

Subscribe to SMS via UMS web and verify you get a receipt for subscribing and receive a sms after creating a school news.

Is any physical item required

As with SMS Send you'll need a SMS Modem


All settings for SMS subscription is found under Web setup\edit, or directly from the main page of the configurator.

Smssubscription websetup.png
  • Show news
    • Is schools news via SMS used, and therefore available for the users to subscribe to?
  • News access group.
    • Members of this AD group are allowed to edit/publish schools news.
  • Subscription send period
    • Timeframe in which subscription messages from the school to the students are allowed (this is so that we can avoid to send ex. News out in the middle of the night)
  • Show grades
    • Is users allowed to subscribe to news grades?
  • Show timetable
    • Is users allowed to subscribe to timetable (todays timetable)?
  • Show timetable changes
    • Is users allowed to subscribe to timetable changes?

Technical settings