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The integration automatically creates and maintains the school's users in Reindex. Reindex is a web-based service that brings together all features of a modern library system in one manageable user interface.

The UMS integration allows Reindex to retrieve data from the UMS web server.


Module requirements


What to have ready

An opened firewall directly into the UMS. Typically port 80 or 443.

Recommend SSl Certificate on UMS Web server. Due to sensitiv personal information.


See Configurator/Webservice

Template Setting

Create an option for Students and Employees if different mail domains are used


Technical settings

Create a Reindex setting. Reindex can only retrieve data from the templates that have an option attached.

Customer ID is used by Reindex to define the customer in their database. It can be anything.

Tag: Is used to separate instances from one another. This is the tag referred to in ReIndex's documentation

Mail Domain: Is used to send information back to users. Mail Alias : If Mail Alias ​​is not used, UMS will by default use username.



What happens after the configurations are done ?

When configurations are done in backend and frontend environments, inLogic is responsible for communicate technical details to Reindex. As soon as Reindex have implemented the technical details, teachers and students will have access to Reindex through UMS.

Example of an e-mail from inLogic to Reindex

Eksempel på mail til reindex