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Automatically reduces your electricity expenses. Power Save reduces the school’s electricity expenses and CO2- emissions, without influencing the school’s service to students and staff. Power Save can automatically turn off computers, which have not been used in a while. You decide which computers Power Save is allowed to turn off and when. It is possible to use different settings for different departments. By customising the settings, you can avoid that students and staff, who work on the school’s computers and sign off to have lunch, loose their work because the computer switches off.


Supported administrative systems


Module requirements


UMS Academic Web

Testing after setup

Make sure the UMS Server are able to ping the computers you want to turn off.

Setup a job to turn off one or more computers and verify they do turn off.

What to have ready

Active Directory

WMI port on all computers that needs to be turn off (tcp 135, tcp 4168, udp 9256)


Technical settings