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Our OneNote Class Notebook integration is developed for schools, which want to avoid manual configuration and maintenance when using OneNote Class Notebook. The integration automatically extracts data from your student administration system and synchronizes it with OneNote Class Notebook, creating Notebooks for students and teachers. This makes it very easy to start using the learning tool in class. Once the configuration is done, teachers and students will get access to a wide range of useful tools. Your OneNote Class Notebooks can be created before the school year starts, giving teachers the opportunity to prepare themselves and upload materials at their own pace. If new students start after the school year has begun they too are automatically created and maintained in OneNote Class Notebook.

  • It is not posible for teachers to Add/Remove other teachers, all maintenance must be done through the studyadministrative system such as Ludus, Lectio etc.
  • Notebooks will be kept alive for students from study start to study end, ie. 3 years if they study at a Danish gymnasium.


Module requirements


Office 365 License

OneNote Class Notebook License

Testing after setup

Running Office 365 sync in UMS

What to have ready

!!REQUIRED!! Make App registration in Azure: Look here

Is any physical item required


Should third party be contacted



Check OneNote license is active, under "License Info"


Click on Office 365, Under SharePoint Setting click "Manage"


Click Edit 


Office 365 SharePoint Site Settings” Click on” manage  

OneNote Class Notebook Settings” Click on “add”


Fill the” Description”

Click on ”Sections” if UMS STANDARD is not selected


Sections must be filled out if you want other sections than those Inlogic sets Default.

OneNote Sections.png

Use Name instead of title for Notebooks (Last part of URL)

This will make the title of the NoteBook be the same as the last part of the URL of the SharePoint site that the NoteBook is created in. It never changes unless this is unchecked.

Never update Notebook title after creation

The NoteBook will never update the title after it has been created, even though the SharePoint site changes title. it will be created with the title that SharePoint site has at createin time.

Remember to set "OneNote Class Notebook Setting" to "UMS OneNote

Closing All UMS Configurator window down.


Open CMD as admin.

Browser UserManagement folder.

Run “LiveAtEdu_Sync.exe AddNotebooks2DB”   



Open SQL (SSMS) and run a new Query (Select NoteBookID, * From Office365SharePoint_Sites) Note NoteBookID is NULL.


AddNotebooks2sites, If SharePoint is available


Open SQL (SSMS) and run a new Query (Select NoteBookID, * From Office365SharePoint_Sites) Note NoteBookID is NULL.


Open log file "LiveAtEdu_Sync.log" in the log you will see that all teams is first created and then students in the teams.

After "LiveAtEdu_Sync OneNoteClassNoteBookOnl" Note the NoteBookID is now complete.


If sharepoint site missing

Click on Sharpoint


Click on ”NEW” to create a new sharepoint sites


TimeZone: Should be changed to match

Administrator: Is the user you are logged on with, you can check it by clicking on the icon

Double click on the newly created site


Copy the Url


Open UMS Configurator


Remember to use the right template

Click on Office365

Click on Manage

Click on Add

Fill out the Description field

Set the copied URL

Sections selected if requested otherwise than UMS default settings.

Open UMS Configurator

1. Click on Office 365

2. Click Manage and (Site Settings)

3. Select "Students" and click "Add"


Click under” Organization setting” and choose the created field.

Select "LMS has to be Checked"


Remember to ACTIVE the “office365 OneNote setting” and click OK


Open CMD as admin.

Brows to UserManagement folder.

Run "LiveAtEdu_Sync.exe AddNotebooks2DB"


Open SQL SSMS and run a new query (Select NoteBookID, * From Office365OneNoteClassNotebook)

Notice the NoteBookID is NULL.


Open CMD as admin.

Brows to UserManagement folder.

Run "LiveAtEdu_Sync.exe OneNoteClassNoteBookOnly" and open log file "LiveAtEdu_Sync.log" in the log you will see that all teams is first created and then students in the teams.


Technical settings