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This feature only works if UMS has uploaded the data with our TimeEdit module.


GetTimetable TimeEdit.jpg

Format and content


Name of the setting.

Absence settings

Export settings

Object Types

This setting defines the object type that UMS will extract from TimeEdit. If you click the buttons you will see default values for the object names in TimeEdit.

You can enter more object types for each UMS object

In the example below. UMS will extract classroom and location as a room in UMS.

GetTimetable TimeEdit ObjectTypes Room.jpg

TimeEdit field information


What to do when TimeEdit replaces an existing timetable system such as SIS ?

When the school is ready to drop the old system, all old timetable data must be removed from UMS, else the enduser will see duplicated timetable blocks due days back / days ahead settings in both old and new system.