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Used to define in UMS where the Pictures are stored.

From Configurator, Settings > Picture Libraries

Normally you will need to create a setting for students and for staff/employees. Shown below.

All pictures in UMS will be saved with their username when sending them to other systems or UMS Web or UMS Guardian.



Picture libraries setting Employee.png


Name of the setting.

Library type

This can be either employee or student.

Students table field to use

Choose a field from the students table that contains the value used to find the Pictures in the paths below


Used to access the paths if the user runnning the exe does not have access.


Password for the user


Domain for the user

Select Path

Add paths to scan for pictures


Manual clean up procedure required

UMS does not remove pictures from your picture library when students are removed from AD.

It is recomended that you once a year delete all pictures from UMS Web under C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Pictures

Next time the service CopyPictures2Web runs, the pictures library will be synchronized with active students.