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Used in UMS to define default password synchronization policy.


From Configurator, Modules > Password -> Global Settings


Synchronize password

This enables global password synchronization to or from a system

Get password

Get the passwords from the system. Only works for "Active Directory" and "UNI-C"

Set password

Set the password in the specific system

include non UMS users

Try to include users that are not known by UMS. This is a feature that is mostly used when sending passwords between UMS installations.

Delete passwords after synchronization

Delete passwords from UMS database after they have successfully been sent to the target system.


What if password does not meet target system requirements

The password will only be tried once and UMS will not try again.

This will also mean the password will be deleted from UMS if that option is checked.

What if passwords are not sent to target system successfully

They will be deleted after 48 hours of retrying.

Passwords older than 48 hours will not be synchronized anywhere.