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Adding homedrive

Schools that don't use OneDrive or Google drive can create homedrives for users. Create a fileshare on a server and append the UNC path to the templates.


Template homedrive.png

Changing homedrive

For schools that want to replace homedrive on a fileshare.

  • Select all users in an AD group and right click in order to access properties for Multiple items
  • Select the Profile tab, remove the information for the Home folder
  • Apply
  • Update the template with the new UNC path


Homedrive remove from users in AD.png

Use commandprompt and test the setup for 1 user by using the AddUser tool

C:\Program Files\UserManagement>AddUser.exe "<templatename>" massadd <username>

If it looks good the RunTemplates, all users will get a new homedrive

Remove homedrive

For schools that want to drop a homedrive on a fileshare and use OneDrive or Google Drive

  • Giv users some time to move their files to the new cloud storage
  • Remove home folder from AD users as described above
  • Remove share from fileserver in order to stop people from using it
  • Remove homedrive information from template