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Integration with IT Leans SharePoint-based electronic sales and document management system. CasePoint ensures that users automatically have the proper permission. The automation saves the school resources and time at the IT department.


Module requirements



Security options

URL: The URL of the customer

User, Password And Domain: Active Directory information of the user used to connect to CasePoint

Delete Users: Whether or not to delete users when they leave

Delete after: Keep users for a certain number of days after they have left


Creating users: Metadata used when creating or updating users

Disabling users: Metadata used when disabling users

Casepoint key name: The key that casepoint uses

Static text (Before/After): Can be any text

UMS database field:  Choose a field from the students table.

Required in CasePoint: Check this to make sure the field will not be empty in CasePoint. If the field is blank in UMS it will not send the record to Casepoint

Template Setting

This is where you connect a CasePoint Setting to a template. Users on this template will be synchronized with CasePoint.