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AD Attributes givse the ability to insert/maintain database values, from UMS, in Active Directory.


Supported administrative systems


Module requirements

Active Directory required

Testing after setup

Create an AD-Attribute setting with atleast one AD-Attribute value set. Connect the setting to a Template and run RunTemplates. The attribute should now be set in AD.

What to have ready

  • UMS must be installed and data from administrative system must be available.
  • Access to AD must be available.


Install UMS.

Technical settings

To add AD-Attribute setting in Configurator press “Edit existing template”:


Press “AD Attributes”:


Press “Manage…” followed by “Add…” in the form that pops up.


Add AD-Attributes setting:

  • Description: AD-Attribute setting name.
  • Attribute: Active Directory field to be set.
  • Lookup method:  Method for getting database value, ”First found occurrence”, ”Concatenate all occurrences” or ”Concatenate all occurrences – With pre and post DB”.
  • Prefix:  Fixed text before database field.
  • Generator: Database field to insert, ex. ”STUDIENR” or ”ElevAfdelingsKode”.
  • Suffix:  Fixed text after database field.

To add attribute to setting, press Add


The following options are set after attribute has been added to setting:

  • Update Users:  The AD-Attribute will be updated everytime RunTemplates runs. Update user only.
    • This option is set by default, can be removed.
  • Update Groups:  AD-Attribute will be updated everytime RunTemplates runs. Update group only.
  • LowerCase:  All in lower case.
  • UpperCase:  All in upper case.

When all attributes have been added, press Ok to save the setting, or Cancel to discard changes and exit.


How do i delete an AD-Attribute?

If added attribute is wrong or not needed anymore, it can be deleted. Mark the attribute row and press ”Del” on your keyboard. Press “OK” to save and exit.

How do i delete an AD-Attribute.png